How To Tell If Your Plumbing Vent Is Clogged?

How To Tell If Your Plumbing Vent Is Clogged?

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If you hear gurgling noises coming from the sink or smell foul aromas within your home, it is quite likely that the drain is clogged. If you do nothing to prevent it, sewer gas could leak into your home, putting you and your family at risk of getting sick or possibly causing explosions.

Read the instructions to discover how to clean and clear a plumbing vent.

What Is A Plumbing Vent?

A vacuum can be created in the pipe if water is allowed to stream down drains or toilets because the water can fill the pipe. Your plumbing has a vent that allows air from the attic to enter the pipe. After that, the air pressure returns to its normal level, which prevents a vacuum from developing.

When this is resolved, water and waste flow easily into your sewage line or septic system. A plumbing vent, often known as a “stack,” can run from plumbing up to the attic and out onto the roof’s peak.

You should install your plumbing vent on top of your roof so that toxic gasses can escape your home at a higher altitude than your nose.

How To Tell If Your Vent Is Clogged?

Even if there is only a partial obstruction in the plumbing vent in your home, there are still some techniques to identify if it is clogged. If you detect any of the following, you should inspect the vent pipe in your plumbing or get in touch with a trained specialist to inspect the problem.

  • When you flush the toilet, do you hear sounds from your bathtub or sinks?
  • Do you find your kitchen or bathroom smells like stale or rotting eggs?
  • When they drain, do your kitchen sinks make a gurgling sound?

Tips On How To Clean Your Vent

  • Climb up onto the roof of your house. Call for help from a professional if the terrain is too steep or if the weather has made it slippery.
  • Get someone else to flush the toilet while you keep your hand over the vent in the bathroom. If you don’t feel any suction, there is probably a blockage farther down the line.
  • A plumber’s snake will be used to remove the obstruction.
  • If you can’t clear the blockage completely with your snake, you can use a garden hose to remove residual debris from the drain.
  • Request that someone else flushes the toilet once more while you place your hand over the bowl with your palm facing the vent to test for suction.

Don’t let a blocked vent in your plumbing put your family in danger, especially when there is such a straightforward answer.

Following the abovementioned techniques to clean and clear a plumbing vent, your problems should go away as quickly as water goes down the drain. If the problem insists, seek the help of a professional.