Places To Visit In Knoxville, TN On A Budget

Places To Visit In Knoxville, TN On A Budget

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Knoxville can be enjoyed on a budget, whether you’re on your own insider tour of Knoxville’s lesser-known attractions or you’re new to the Knoxville dating scene and searching for a unique first date venue, this list will get you closer to the Marble City’s heart without breaking the bank!


Get in Touch With Nature

If you’re looking for some fresh air and greenery, the Ijams Nature Center is the perfect spot to stretch your legs while learning about the natural splendor that surrounds the city. There are a plethora of activities to choose from, including programs that promote responsible stewardship of natural resources, a really magnificent canopy zipline experience, music festivals, and endless climbing, kayaking, and hiking opportunities, to mention a few.


Visiting the Old City is a must-do.

Spending time in the Old City, Knoxville’s historic quarter, is one of our favorite things to do. This several-block section just north of actual downtown has seen many lives, from being an unwelcoming swampland to a symbol of Knoxville’s early twentieth-century industrial growth, to a onetime red-light district and lair of vices, to today’s stronghold of creativity and art. As the day progresses, a cluster of graphic design shops, chic eateries, and art galleries gives way to a hub of clubs and venues with live music and libations. This piece of Knoxville is a must-see, whether you come for the architecture or the art.


A Visit to a Historic Mansion

Blount Mansion is the only National Historic Landmark in Knoxville. The edifice has been repaired and preserved as the Southwest Territory’s capitol and the residence of the territory’s only governor, William Blount. Blount was a signer of the Declaration of Independence, and this is the only residence of a signer outside of the original colonies that has been recognized. The excursions are a cheap and entertaining way to spend time in Knoxville at any time of year.


Spend some time around Knoxville’s downtown area.

Year-round, Market Square in downtown Knoxville is a vibrant and eclectic location to explore! You’ll find something to your liking among the many shops and restaurants. You’ll be tempted to go through one of the water-play fountains to cool yourself on those hot days, as the Square offers a lot of concerts and performance art. People who believe it is important to support the local economy will enjoy the Market Square Farmers’ Market. The parking garage is free after 6 p.m. on weekdays, so this is a great place to visit if you want to get a full sense of downtown K-town!


Take a trip to the very top of the building.

The vista from the top of House Mountain in the same state park is arguably the most spectacular in the Knoxville area. The trail to the summit isn’t very long or tough, but there are a few steep sections that wary climbers will wish to avoid. Visitors will enjoy views of the Cumberland, Smoky, Unaka, and Clinch mountain ranges, as well as a breathtaking perspective of Knoxville’s skyline, from the 2,100-foot top, making this one of Knoxville’s most enjoyable things to do! Remember to bring a picnic lunch or order takeout from Saddle Bags Bar & Grill on Rutledge Pike on the way.


Immerse yourself in the history of basketball.

The Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame is one of Knoxville’s main attractions, as sports fans will know. The 32,000-square-foot complex includes incredible displays showcasing the skill and athleticism of some of sport’s most incredible and inspiring female athletes. The Pat Summitt Rotunda is a remarkable homage to the late, great Lady Vols’ basketball coach’s dramatic career, as any Vol worth her salt can tell you. Inside, you’ll learn about the history of women’s basketball, from the All American Redheads to the WNBA, and how women have influenced the game for years!


Tiptoeing Among the Tulips

Within the grounds of the Knoxville Botanical Garden and Arboretum are some of Knoxville’s most scenic locations. This is one of Knoxville’s more peaceful settings, with gorgeous masonry, lush gardens, and seasonal displays of brilliant flowers.


Knoxville Visitors Center (Knoxville Visitors Center)

If you’re still seeking for more things to do in Knoxville after all of these suggestions, stop by the Knoxville Visitors Center for a near-complete list of entertainment and tour schedules, as well as information on the city’s history. You’ll also find a lot of pretty cool gift optio1ns, most of which are created here in Knoxville, so you’ll be giving your friends and family the gift of Knoxville.