Offbeat Attractions And Local Treasures

Offbeat Attractions And Local Treasures

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When you think of Maryville, Tennessee, you might picture charming streets, a welcoming community, and the beautiful backdrop of the Great Smoky Mountains. While these aspects certainly define this Southern town, there’s more to Maryville than meets the eye. In this guide, we’ll delve into the hidden gems that make Maryville truly special—offbeat attractions and local treasures that often go unnoticed but are well worth discovering.

Time Travel at the Little River Railroad and Lumber Company Museum

Step back in time at the Little River Railroad and Lumber Company Museum, which preserves the rich history of Maryville’s logging and railroad industries. Explore vintage locomotives, logging equipment, and exhibits that transport you to a bygone era when timber and trains were pivotal in the region’s development.

Heritage Happenings at the Blount County Historical Museum

Nestled within the walls of the Blount County Courthouse, the Blount County Historical Museum is a treasure trove of local history. Explore exhibits that showcase the area’s Native American heritage, early settlers, and notable events. It’s an opportunity to connect with the past and gain insight into the community’s roots.

Maryville’s Own “Stonehenge”

Venture off the beaten path to discover Maryville’s version of Stonehenge—a mysterious collection of large stone sculptures known as the “Mysterious Rock Garden.” This unique and somewhat enigmatic attraction offers an exciting glimpse into the creativity and imagination of its creator.

The Beauty of Bicentennial Greenbelt Park

For those seeking outdoor serenity, the Bicentennial Greenbelt Park is a hidden gem waiting to be explored. This scenic park along Pistol Creek features walking trails, lush greenery, and peaceful relaxing spots. It’s an ideal place for a stroll or a quiet moment of contemplation.

Maryville’s Artistic Murals

Embark on a self-guided tour of Maryville’s artistic side by hunting down its charming murals. These colorful creations adorn the town’s buildings and celebrate its culture and history. Each mural tells a unique story, adding vibrancy to Maryville’s streets.

The Quaint Samuel Frazier Home

Visit the Samuel Frazier Home, a historic house museum that offers a glimpse into the 19th-century life of Maryville’s early settlers. The home’s period furnishings and captivating history provide a fascinating window into the past.

Hidden Gem Restaurants

In Maryville, some of the best dining experiences are found in unassuming places. Seek out the town’s hidden gem restaurants, where you can savor delicious, homemade dishes served with a side of Southern hospitality. Residents cherish these local spots and offer a taste of authentic Southern cuisine.

Hidden Trails of the Smokies

While the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is a well-known attraction, there are hidden trails and less-visited areas to explore. Get away from the crowds and discover pristine natural beauty in the park’s quieter corners.

Maryville, Tennessee, may not be famous for its tourist attractions, but it holds a treasure trove of hidden gems and offbeat discoveries. Whether you’re interested in history, outdoor beauty, or unique experiences, Maryville has something to offer every traveler willing to explore beyond the well-trodden paths.