Exploring Ridgewood’s Historical Churches: A Journey Through Spiritual Architecture

Exploring Ridgewood’s Historical Churches: A Journey Through Spiritual Architecture

Welcome to Ridgewood, New Jersey! This town is special because it has some ancient and beautiful churches. Let’s take a trip to see these cool buildings and learn about their history!

West Side Presbyterian Church: A Big, Fancy Church

First, let’s visit the West Side Presbyterian Church. It’s a huge church that looks like it came from a fairy tale! It has tall, pointy parts called arches and big windows with many colors. These windows tell stories from the Bible. This church is like a castle from a long, long time ago.

Old Paramus Reformed Church: An Old Church

Next, we go to the Old Paramus Reformed Church. This church is super old – it was built way back in 1735. It’s not as fancy as the first church, but it’s still pretty. It has a roof that looks like two slopes side by side, and it’s painted white. There’s also a graveyard here with ancient gravestones.

Ridgewood United Methodist Church: A Church With Red Doors

Then, there’s the Ridgewood United Methodist Church. It’s easy to spot because it has bright red doors! This church was built when Queen Victoria was in charge of England, so it’s called Victorian style. Inside, it’s beautiful, with lots of wood and colorful glass.

Grace Episcopal Church: Old and New Together

The Grace Episcopal Church is attractive because it’s old and has new parts. The people caring for the church fixed it up, so it looks nice and works well for people today. It’s like a mix of the past and the present.

Bethlehem Lutheran Church: A Strong-Looking Church

Last, we’ll see the Bethlehem Lutheran Church. This one looks strong and sturdy. It has round arches, which makes it different from the other churches we saw. Inside, it’s big and makes you feel like you’re in a huge, open space.

These churches in Ridgewood aren’t just places where people go to pray. They’re like storybooks made of stone and glass. Each one shows us a different style and tells us about the people who built them long ago. For kids who like buildings and history or want to see some cool places, these churches are great to explore. They help us remember the past and enjoy the beauty in Ridgewood today.

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