The Best Ductless AC System

Furnaces and central air conditioners aren’t the only choices you have when it comes to controlling the temperature in your home; you also have other options. Mini-split ductless air conditioners are highly effective cooling devices that can be mounted on the interior wall of your home with a small compressor located outside that supplies the […]

Why Are Air Conditioning Filters Necessary?

Cleaning the air conditioning filter and performing regular maintenance is one of the simplest, most affordable, and most effective ways to keep your air conditioner up and to run during the summer. If you have dogs or any other furry pet, changing or cleaning your air conditioner filter is even more vital because your filter […]

Winterization Tips For Your HVAC System

Winterization is all about preparing for the winter. In regards to an HVAC system, it means preparing your HVAC system for the winter. There are a few steps to take to ensure that your HVAC unit is ready to handle the change in weather. Here they are: 1. Shut Your Outdoor Pipes It’s winter, and […]