Our client needed a septic system inspection for a house they are intending to buy. In this case, the best way to locate the tank would be to camera locate since the permit diagram for the tank indicated the tank would located under the deck. We needed access to the main drain line, so with the sellers permission, we were able to get under the house to the line, even though the crawl space door was locked, by unscrewing the hinges. We were able to remove and reinstall the crawlspace door without causing ANY damage. Once inside the crawl space, we accessed the main drain line with the camera and eventually located the tank. It turns out the tank was not under the deck and passed a partial inspection! That was great news to the client. The full inspection of a septic system can only be done by digging up the septic tank and opening both lids. After the house passes the other inspections, the client will call Hero Services back out to complete the inspection by exposing the tank and pumping both chambers. Then our client will be able to purchase their new home with confidence! The client is also considering having us install risers (ground level access to the tank) so that it never has to be dug up again.